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Keyboard shortcuts, in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, are hot keys the player can use to make their Arena battles easier and more convenient if they prefer to use keyboard.

Each and every spaceship has twelve slots for different types of ammunition. Each keyboard button refers to one of these slots.

  • Slot 1: F1 and 1
  • Slot 2: F2 and 2
  • Slot 3: F3 and 3
  • Slot 4: F4 and Q
  • Slot 5: F5 and W
  • Slot 6: F6 and E
  • Slot 7: F7 and A
  • Slot 8: F8 and S
  • Slot 9: F9 and D
  • Slot 10: F10 and Z
  • Slot 11: F11 and X
  • Slot 12: F12 and C

The player should also keep in mind that there is also a possibility to use the arrow keys to move their screens for more precise shots.

This could be very useful if their enemy is on the other side of the battle map, and the player wishes to use their Instant Laser.