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Sabotage is one of the activities available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

If there is an Astro Lord that troubles the player, one can spoil some processes at this Astro Lord's base; namely reduce:

At that, all the processes that are connected to these kinds of activities slow down. Percent depends on the number of spies that are currently at this base.

When the player loses their spies, percent decreases and there is no possibility to send more of them there. When sabotaging, the player immediatelly loses 50% of those spies no matter if there are any antispies or not.

The player is always notified about all changes in spies or percentage by getting new event that they can view in the Advisors window; Events tab.

If several enemies simultaneously sabotage the same Astro Lord, the percent of sabotage adds up and comes to certain limit, i.e. no more than 90%.

To commit sabotage, the player needs to:

1) Open Diplomacy window; Espionage tab

2) Select target and hit "Espionage"

3) In the Espionage window, hit "Sabotage"

4) Choose the type of espionage to commit

5) Hit "Activate"

Abotage scr.png