Invitation to battle and team creation

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In the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, the player has the possibility to invite their friends to join the battle at the Arena.

In order to start a battle, the player needs to:

1) Hit "To Battle",

2) Choose battle modes in the pop-up window,

3) Choose who they want to fight against - Aliens or other Astro Lords.

They can also choose the appropriate battle parameters such as "respawn", "bet", "ship" or they can choose "random" one.

4) Hit "Ready".

After that the player is taken to the battlefield.

In addition, after setting all the parameters, the player can hit "Create Team" and get the battle ID, which they need to send to other players so they can join the battle.

The player can invite friends from their contact list by clicking "Invite". In order to join teams, the player needs to hit “Join” and enter the battle ID.