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Maneuvering the asteroid is a possibility available to players in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

Players can use it to explore the Oort Cloud, chase their victims, escape from robbers, find Runes, Artifacts and resources.

There are 2 ways to move asteroids; the player can:

1. Enter coordinates (X-axis and Y-axis). When the player hits "Start", the asteroid starts moving to the specified location. After the arrival, it stops and then starts drifting.

2. Set a yellow arrow pointer, speed and then move to that direction after hitting "Start "Maneuver". This starts a timer that shows exactly when the desired speed and direction will be set.

Note: both options require energy and crystals.

Movement tab

Here the player can enter coordinates. The X-axis is for longitude and the Y-axis is for latitude.

When the player clicks the "Show" button, the map turns, zooms in and positions itself to show the player this sector even if there is nothing there.

Information provided under this tab:

  • Speed
  • Coordinates
  • Direction
  • Flight time
  • Maneuver time
  • Maneuver cost
  • Starbase parameters of the selected asteroid