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Deuterium - is the most valuable resource in the Oort cloud. With it, you can buy rare weapons, artifacts, runes and officers, as well as many accelerations and premium services.

In Astro Lords deuterium can be purchased for real money. Available packages in nominal value of 75 to 50 000 deuterium.

To replenish the balance of deuterium, click on the button that says "Purchase" in the upper right corner:


Or click the link (you will need to enter your login and password on your account).

In the window that opens, select your preferred payment method:


The following payment systems:

  • Credit card
  • Mobile pay
  • Sms
  • More payment methods
  • PayPal
  • Qiwi

The following deuterium packages:

  • deuterium beaker
  • deuterium flask
  • deuterium conteiner
  • deuterium barrel
  • deuterium tank
  • infinity of deuterium


If you have any difficulties at the time of payment or you are not enrolled deuterium, please contact support Astro Lords at [mailto:] or in the system by means of which was produced payment: