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Defense tab is a special tab available to players at the Hangar in the game of Astro Lords: Oort Cloud.

It allows players to upgrade or hide their Starbase, see stats, hire Officers, set Artifacts and Runes.

In the cannon panel, there are 6 ammunition cells. Their colors correspond to colors of specific weapons produced by a specific factory.

Each factory produces 4 types of weapons (blue, yellow, red and violet), but it needs to be upgraded in order to produce all of them.

There is also a Radars panel. Radars become active when players upgrade their Starbase. Radar's radius depends on the number of radars available in the radar panel.


If the enemy destroys the player's Starbase, there is a chance that they deal damage to player's radar. If this happens, players will be able to repair it by hitting "Repair".