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[[File:S laser.png]]
[[File:S laser.png]]
Accelerates [[Lasers|laser]] production.
Accelerates production of '''[[Lasers|lasers]]'''.
== Rocket Production Spec. ==
== Rocket Production Spec. ==

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Laser Production Spec

S laser.png

Accelerates production of lasers.

Rocket Production Spec.

S rocket.png

Accelerates rocket production.

Constructions Production Spec.

S construction.png

Accelerates Constructions production.

SpaceCraft Production Spec.

S outgoing.png

Accelerates SpaceCraft production.

Miner Spec.


Increases volume of mining.

Star-Base Spec.

S starbase.png

Increases Star-Base's durability.

Builder Spec.


Increases speed of construction.

Engineer Spec.


Accelerates production of minibots.

Pilot Spec.


Accelerates all missions.

Trader Spec.


Decreases trade taxes.

Mining Enhancements


Increases volume of mining and energy production.

MDI Enhancements


Accelerates production of ammunition.