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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

Developer: ARATOG LLC
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Mobile publisher: GLU Mobile
Genre: Sci-Fi MMORTS в 3D
Release date: Spring 2014
Platform: iOS, Android, Web, PC(Win, Mac, Linux)
System requirements: System requirements
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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free 3D game with real-time combat management.

Genre: a massively multiplayer online game (<a href=”“>MMO</a> ), space strategy, sci-fi.

Powered by Unity, the game was developed for web browsers, PCs (Windows, MacOS, Linux), iOS (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) and Android devices with sole server based on Cloud technology that had been developed by Aratog.

As an Astro Lord, a player controls his/her own asteroid where he/she can mine for crystals, build factories that produce ammunition and repair parts for his/her space ships. This base is player’s central stronghold and that means that other Lords can only plunder, not capture it. Besides, a player can capture up to 5 additional asteroids to mine for crystals, but he/she needs to watch out for other Lords because they can recapture them.

Every asteroid is defended by a Star Base that can be equipped with runes and artifacts, players can also load its cannons with different types of ammo.

Each base is protected by an orbiting space station - Starbase, which can be equipped with Runes and artifacts. The station also has guns that can be loaded with different types of ammunition.

Every Astro Lord commands up to 6 generals from 7 available classes. Throughout the game, heroes progress, level up and acquire skills. They also possess their own ships. These ships can be equipped with ammo, officers, artifacts and Runes. Players will have access to seven different types of ships of varying size and capacity, which they will be able to change depending on a particular general’s skills.

Mass-combat enthusiasts will love the Arena: here, players can battle it out against alien races (AI) or other Astro Lord players. Those battles take place in real-time, which allows players to actively take part in the game instead of just having to wait for the completion of their building projects. Players can take part in these battles whenever they like – or they can entrust a battle to their general, who will fight according to his skill level and equipment.

One of the game’s distinguishing features is the unique Radar, which is located on the space station. Not only will it enable you to monitor the location of your enemies and allies, but you’ll also be able to carry out pirate raids!

During raids, and other attack missions, you can send out up to 6 ships, but you can only control one of them in battle.

You can also have up to 5 allies take part in your defense and attacks. A maximum of 12 ships can be simultaneously present in battle at any given point.

Player bases are located on asteroids, which travel within the Oort Cloud. Once they’ve acquired the appropriate skills, players can control their asteroid’s movements. This can be extremely useful for:

Navigating into nebulae rich with minerals and other useful elements,

- Searching for victims,

- Trading expeditions: searching for the most lucrative market prices, or using the asteroid to transport resources,

- Pursuing enemies,

- Escaping from persistent robbers and invaders,

- Carrying out clan raids,

- Locating safe places within trade zones,

- Being recruited by other players to escort their more vulnerable asteroids,

And lastly, exploration of the vacant sectors of the galaxy within the Radar’s radius, which could bring resources and other useful bonuses.

You will experience complete freedom of action and social interaction.

Become a worthy Astro Lord!